YA Books Ready for the PAR-TAY March 15th

Come Join The FaceBook Release Party

March 15th, 7-9pm EST

For my fellow YA Fantasy author and friend, Janelle Gabay is releasing her 2nd book, First Awakened in the First Born series!!

I’m so excited for her that if you come to the Facebook launch party, I will give you a link to get MAGICK for FREE!  I’ll also have a drawing for some fun other bookish gifts during my host time at 7:30-7:45 pm EST.  Click on the links and join the FB party.

You can’t have a party without drawings and gifts!  I’m also there answering any questions you have about MAGICK or sneak peeks into REIGN, book 2 in my series coming out early this summer.

Join the fun in your PJs with a beverage of your choice.  It’s gonna be crazy fun – cuz us YA authors, that’s how we roll!

First Awakened FaceBook PAR-TAY

Mark the date (March 15th) and join the fun!


Inside the Guardians of Dare village, where both immortal and mortal live, infected immortals called Wakers now roam the streets at night killing the innocent mortal children.  Only nine months ago, when the village flourished with commerce, beauty, and peace, Audrey brought Tarian into the Guardian world and told him of his destiny.  He was the first immortal to be born in over five hundred years and the link to their survival, but now he hunts the bloodthirsty immortals fallen victim to the disease in order to save mortal lives.

A cure for the disease takes them across the nation. The fate of the immortals once again rests on their shoulders, but will their relationship survive after Tarian learns about the secrets that Audrey keeps in her subterranean laboratory?

First Awakened is a fantastical adventure traveling from the Entente of Nations into South America. The tale twists and turns through a hidden world of creatures affecting the lives of the humans living around them.