Valkyrie are Awesome

I love mythology.  What I enjoy the best, is the heroic journey of the stories, the romance of it, and the mystical pathways that tie it all together.

When I began writing Magick, Book 1 of The Unwanted Series, I knew that one of my characters would be a Valkyrie, taken from Norse Mythology beheld by the Vikings as religion.  The reason behind this was during my brain storm for world building around Edayri.  Edayri holds many magical creatures and beings so it allowed me choices – one which is Valkyrie and the Einherjar soldiers.  I may have watched Thor (Chris Hemsworth) one too many times,  plus Vikings on the history channel – cuz well, Travis Fimmel, duh! (No offense intended if you haven’t seen either movie or television shows, but really you should!)

However, for my plot, Ragnarok has already taken place.   Ragnarok is described in Norse mythology as a series of future events, including a great battle, that results in the death of a number of major figures (including the gods Odin, Thor, Freyr, and Loki), the onset of many natural disasters, and the subsequent submersion of the world in water i.e., it’s destruction.  Surely this isn’t a spoiler for the upcoming Thor movie :). Understand, that the Valkyrie and Einherjar are always preparing for Ragnarok. Always.

The Valkyrie duty is one of battle by choosing those who are slain to serve as Einherjar.  They are choosing fate of who will live and who will die in some cases.  They are powerful and well honored warriors themselves.  All Valkyrie are female and considered royalty by Odin either as spirit guides or even as his daughters or familial relations.  The Vikings believed that battle was honoring the Gods/Odin and proving self worth for entry into heaven/Vahalla.

When I started flushing out the second book, Reign in The Unwanted Series I enjoyed writing the ‘what if’ scenarios of remaining Valkyrie.

What would you do if your home was gone?

What would be your new purpose?

It’s a fun endeavor to further develop these characters and how their situations impact each other and test their friendships.  As a fiction writer, I enjoy twisting and bending and I hope you’ll enjoy not only Willow’s journey but a few of her Valkyrie friends as well.  I dare not provide any spoilers.  However, I feel my days of providing more stories around the Valkyrie and Einherjar are secured. As you can see Valkyrie are awesome.  It’s just too much fun!


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