The Ultimate Summer YA Book Giveaway

I’ve gotten a few questions asking; what is the ultimate summer YA book giveaway?

It’s a book giveaway from 20 participating authors!  The giveaway is international so that anyone can enter.  The Giveaway Ends Sunday, June 18, 2017, so enter now.

To enter click on the link or the image below and enter your email for our respective newsletters.  What this does besides adding to your reading list, it leads to the discovery of new authors.  You can opt out of any newsletters you’re uninterested in, but certainly, give them a shot.  There are lots of great authors and reads in this group.


$100 Amazon Gift Card, 1 Winner

14 Paperbacks, 14 Winners

6 E-book bundle, 1 Winner

Best of luck to all those enter &

thank you for supporting the authors!