Reign Update (The Unwanted Series, Book II)

I hope everyone is enjoying the new year. Time is already flying in 2017! I had a lovely holiday season and spent time with my family, which was wonderful. What I didn’t do, however, was spend time writing, as I should have. It’s a juggle – day job, writing, family, etc…

A few of you are eager to get my follow-up book, (from my debut novel Magick) Reign, in The Unwanted Series.  Thank you for the interest and the kind words, it makes me so happy!  The story, Reign, has been outlined, and I have written a few scenes, but it is not ultimately drafted in full just yet. I look to finish up the draft in the next month/30 days. Then onto revisions! I’ve lined up my editor for Reign, and my publishing date has shifted to come to the market end of May 2017. As I get closer to my publication date, I’ll give updates and sneak peeks.

The cover is almost ready.  I have to admit; I’m in love with the cover! I can’t wait for the reveal and see what you think.

It’s tough to balance everything, but I’m excited to get my work out there and complete the story I’ve started with Willow.  I do have several ideas for more stories outside of The Unwanted Series, and I’m eager to dabble in them later this year. So am I motivated to complete it all? You bet your arse I am.  Plus having eager readers is so inspiring!

Curious for those who have read Magick, what are you looking forward to most? Comment below and let me know!

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  1. Hi Jennifer. Thank you for your interest in Reign. It’s given me a little trouble writing it! I’ve been delayed with my release date & look to release Reign later this summer. All the best, Mira 💗

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