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A couple of weeks ago, I reached out via my social media channels and had followers pick Willow’s prom dress.  I’m in the middle of writing Reign, which is the follow-up book to Magick.  I was writing the scene, and I was debating the dress she should wear to her high school prom.  The choices were for the following:

I use Pinterest quite a bit for storyboarding various visuals while I write.  Oh, how I love Pinterest and can spend hours pinning and scanning.  I like having visuals and many time’s I build off what I find and add more or fewer details.   I had dress A and B (see above picture) as options for, my main character, Willow’s prom dress.  This is her Senior year and her last prom with some action scenes, of course!  I received a few queries about Willow’s fashion sense and her character in general. Fashion wise, I would describe Willow’s character as classic.  Although she is wealthy and royal, she isn’t overly comfortable with the station and expectation that brings.  I hope that comes across in Magick, book I.

The votes came in, and it was great! There was a nice rationale behind a lot of the votes, and it was fun to see the involvement.  Thank you to everyone who got involved.  It was great fun for me, and the pressure was off on picking the dress.  In tallying all the votes from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter there was a clear winner at the end.

Drum roll…

And the winner is…

Willow’s Prom Dress

This is a beautiful dress and fits the scene well.  Although beyond having a picture of the dress, I have no idea who the designer is or where you can purchase one, for those currently in the market for a prom dress.  You will, however, recognize the details of this dress in the upcoming story of Reign.  I also have Willow’s classmates to dress and have envisioned Lucy in off white and Emily in canary yellow with sparkles everywhere!

For those going to prom, enjoy the time with your friends! One warning, beware of the Fae, they are tricksters!

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