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MAGICK, The Unwanted Series

It’s Princess Diaries meets Beautiful Creatures! If you like YA fantasy with a strong heroine,  you’re going to love Magick.

Willow tries for life under the radar as a senior, where her biggest adventure is hanging with friends and dating a great guy, Daniel. That is until a long-lost grandmother, reveals that not only does she come from a long line of Wiccans, but she’s also part of the royal family – and next in line for the crown! Not everyone is happy to discover this outsider is about to take the throne, and Willow’s life is in danger – along with those around her.

Willow’s world is turning upside-down, as a new realm invades, complete with rogue Guardians and a handsome warrior who’s sworn to stand by her side. Willow must learn to use her magick to uncover the dark secrets about her family’s past to save the Edayri realm and everyone she’s ever loved before it’s too late.

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MAGICK is a Young Adult Fantasy Book (recommended ages 13 and up)


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ratings: 24 (avg rating 3.88)