Henna Inspires Magick for Wiccan YA Fantasy

When I was writing about my main character Willow, in my debut novel Magick, I wanted to show her magick physically so that it would be visible to the other characters.  I thought about permanent tattoos and felt like this would be too much for my character as she is adjusting to her magick.  Although her magick is permanent itself, in the story it grows with her … Continue reading Henna Inspires Magick for Wiccan YA Fantasy

Reign Update (The Unwanted Series, Book II)

I hope everyone is enjoying the new year. Time is already flying in 2017! I had a lovely holiday season and spent time with my family, which was wonderful. What I didn’t do, however, was spend time writing, as I should have. It’s a juggle – day job, writing, family, etc… A few of you are eager to get my follow-up book, (from my debut … Continue reading Reign Update (The Unwanted Series, Book II)

Meet Mira

Mira is an award-winning author, her book, Magick, won the 2016 New Apple Book Award Medallion under the eBook category for SciFi/Fantasy/Horror. Mira is a lover of all things fairy tale and fantasy including the twisted ones. She believes in the power of following your dreams, magick, and pixie dust. Caffeinated beverages keep her fueled and a slice of key lime pie keeps her tart … Continue reading Meet Mira


I love music and the talent of artists playing instruments, the emotion, their message and especially when it evokes a memory personal to me.  I use music a lot when I write to create a specific mood.  Sometimes if I get writers block on a scene, music helps me find a path onward.  So let me share with you the artists that helped inspire the … Continue reading Inspirations