Novels and Books

MAGICK, The Unwanted Series It’s Princess Diaries meets Beautiful Creatures! If you like YA fantasy with a strong heroine,  you’re going to love Magick. Willow tries for life under the radar as a senior, where her biggest adventure is hanging with friends and dating a great guy, Daniel. That is until a long-lost grandmother, reveals that not only does she come from a long line … Continue reading Novels and Books

Meet Mira

Mira is a lover of all things fairy tale and fantasy including the twisted ones. She believes in the power of following your dreams, magick, and pixie dust. Caffeinated beverages keep her fueled, and a slice of key lime pie keeps her tart and happy. Mira’s lived most of her life in the southern United States and currently calls home to sunny Florida with her … Continue reading Meet Mira