Novels and Books

MAGICK The Unwanted Series It’s Princess Diaries meets Beautiful Creatures. If you like YA fantasy with a strong heroine,  you’re going to love Magick. Willow tries for life under the radar as a senior, where her biggest adventure is hanging with friends and dating a great guy, Daniel. That is until a long-lost grandmother, reveals that not only does she come from a long line … Continue reading Novels and Books

Meet Mira

Where fantasy & fairytales mingle. I’m a lover of all things fairytale and fantasy, especially the twisted ones.  I love to write strong female characters who don’t fall victim to circumstance but rise above it.  In my world, a princess can save herself.  I love to chat about stories from; books, tv, movies, and music.  I am an artist at heart and will geek out … Continue reading Meet Mira